Failure of Party Politics

by metricpioneer

Can humans reject political parties? How did Russia succeed against American rival? How is Mutually Assured Destruction a deterrence? How does survival of the fittest fit in with empathy? Is GOP death wish for Obamacare a worthy goal? Will China fill the void left by Russia and America? Can bids for independence succeed? Have England and America lost the measurement game?

George Washington

George Washington

Rejection of Political Parties

George Washington was not a member of any political party. Indeed, Washington’s vision for the United States of America includes rejection of political parties, not the embrace that we see today. George Washington feared the inevitable conflict that would undermine republicanism. It turns out, unfortunately, that George was right about that. See how anti-functional the Trump White House is today. Party loyalty has become more important than empathy for the greater good. Can humans reject political parties? This is actually the most important question in the Anthropocene Epoch. Our survival as a species depends upon how we react to such a question.

Russian Success against America

His crops failing, Russian farmer finds magic genie lamp and makes wish for equal failure upon neighboring farms. (You would expect farmers to wish for successful crops.) This unexpected twist exemplifies Russian mindset reminiscent of Soviet communism. If I am miserable, then we all must equally share this misery.

Ponder for a moment what thoughts must be in the head of Владимир Владимирович Путин (Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin). His nation relies on exports of petrol at a time when advanced nations are turning to clean energy. Russian population is in decline, down from 146 million in 2000 CE to 143 million in 2015 CE and expected to sink to 139 million in 2030 CE. Российский рубль (the Russian ruble) is only worth a penny or two. Vladimir must outsmart America by striking easy targets. America is already divided along ideological lines, so why not exploit that low hanging fruit? It is a lot cheaper than that old conventional Cold War that nobody was able to win.

The Kremlin successfully climbs inside the heads of weak-minded Americans and feeds them generous portions of half-baked, spurious nationalism. Facilitating the installation of a chaotic president in 2017 CE is a huge victory for Vladimir Putin, who is clearly winning the propaganda war.

The Democratic Party is in shambles with no apparent leader on the horizon. Bernie Sanders, clearly the popular winner of the Democratic Primary, was stabbed in the back by insider party rigging. His nomination was a sure thing if the primary process would have been fair. That Superdelegate nonsense is a crime against fairness.

Mutually Assured Destruction

Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) is a doctrine of military strategy and national security policy in which a full-scale use of nuclear weapons by two or more opposing sides would cause the complete annihilation of both the attacker and the defender. It is based on the theory of deterrence, which holds that the threat of using strong weapons against the enemy prevents the enemy from using those same weapons.

The North Korean Kim Dynasty finds a high degree of success with this MAD strategy now on its third generation of authoritarian rule.

Survival of the Fittest and Empathy

Nature seems savagely cruel sometimes. Some are born with severe abnormalities. Some receive devastating injuries. Some suffer from self-inflicted maladies caused by smoking tobacco or overeating. Juggling self-preservation and empathy is a precarious balancing act. Not everyone has the resources to totally fulfill those feelings of empathy. Some people who have such resources are willing to help the less fortunate in some cases, but more commonly not. Nations with more empathy like France are on the socialist end of the government spectrum. Nations with less empathy have a Wild West mentality where government does not care whether you live or die. After all, Nature weeds out weaker members of society so that the strong may carry on.

Abraham Lincoln


GOP Death Wish for Obamacare

The Republican Party, affectionately known as the Grand Old Party or GOP, has its first success with Abraham Lincoln, but the party has since ideologically swapped places with the Democratic Party. The GOP push to kill Obamacare is clearly inspired by the desire of the rich to keep their money and send the poor and ill to their unfortunate fate. The irony in all this is that the GOP lures voters by appealing to those very same weak-minded religious Americans mentioned above. The uneducated and poor are victims by their own hand at the voting booth. They vote against their own self-interests. Nature is indeed stranger than fiction.

China Fills the Void

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s re-engagement on the world stage shows that global leadership is shifting, not drifting, toward Beijing. The most vigorous defense of globalization and multilateral cooperation is mounted not by an American statesman, but by the president of the People’s Republic of China.

Independence Movements

People in the subjugated regions of Kurdistan, Catalunya and Scotland are seriously moving forward in efforts to win independence from their subjugators. European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker fears that such efforts would make governing the European Union too complicated and might even foreshadow a disintegration of the current structure.

England and America Lost the Measurement Game

Clearly Earth is a metric planet. And clearly England and America lost the measurement game. Isolationism is clearly a failed strategy.

Killing the inch would be a step in the right direction. Join our efforts here:

FPLA Amendment would Permit Dual or Metric Labeling

Amending the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA) would be a great American step forward. A proposed FPLA amendment would permit United States manufacturers to choose either dual or metric labeling for their products. Be part of the solution. Contact your senator and representative today and help us move this effort forward for the greater good of humanity.

At the very least, you could join other Americans and take the Metrication Pledge:

Earth is your home. Engage.